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        I am building a software wich controls a robot via bluetooth.... It sends out data to the virtual port created with the Bluetooth software.... It sends out byte but it will recieve data from the robot too which will be shown in the black box above the progress bar.


           Please tell what bugs do you encounter and I will make it. This is a custom software and you LMR get it free


The program starts simply... you can control it click-ing the buttons or pressing the WASD buttons like in FPS games.... The program sends out the data you you set or w a s d originaly.... if you keep down the button it only sends the data one time... when you release the button it sends out the STOP data, x in the main case...

           Happy controlling :D


Lets see it working! --video please

All I can do… Is making

All I can do… Is making two virtual ports and open the program two times… and see the data transmitted…


What language did you write this in? care to share the code (no pressure)? I have personally only made a bluetooth contol GUI in LabVIEW but I am now working with Python and would eventually like to use Java (for implementing web control via applets) and C.  I have also made accelerometer Bluetooth control programs using the mobile PyS60, which is killer!

The GUI looks polished, feel free to share your source of icons too!

seen on another thread it

seen on another thread it looks like C++ on windows, a forms program I presume.

yes its c++… the program

yes its c++…


the program onyl stores variables from textbox, convert them to strings and then those are sent via RS232 aka serial port, BT makes a virtual one…

when you click a button up down left or right… it sends out the string for that button and disables the button, when you release it, it sends out the stop bit, in original case: “x”. thats it… icon sources… made them with photoshop :smiley:

but some was googled in

but some was googled in images search like “thing orb icon” thing should be replaces with arrow, brain, controller, etc

icon site

I found to have some good, royalty free, icons.

As for programming Bluetooth applications using Bluetooth sockets (instead of COM ports), the book “Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers” is a good place to start, which details using Bluetooth sockets for C++, java, Python, and PyS60.

Source Code

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Please send me the source cod efor this awesome app.

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