Bluetooth on Smartphones PLUS and Xbee receiver on Robot


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Q: CAN I Control via Blutooth on SmartPhones using Xbee Reciever on Arduino Robot...,? 

OR it is POSSIBLE to Control the Xbee on Robot via Bluetooth on SmartPHONES...,?

If It can be,..., HOW ? and please Help me by Teaching me about it :D


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No, it is not possible. You cannot go from bluetooth to X-bee.

**Seriously…? **

oh really…? Why…?

You can replace the XBEE

You can replace the XBEE with a Seeedstudio Bluetooth Bee. The Bluetooth Bee is pin compatibel to XBEE and will work with your smartphone.

Why XBee?

I guess what you want to do is using your phone to control robot, right? If so, you don’t need to use Xbee. The only reason I guess is that you want to have longer range.

Xbee <----> Xbee = OK
BT <-----> BT = OK

BT <------> Xbee = Never OK, they just don’t communicate each other.

However, like RobotFreak said. You may use the BT module build for Xbee slot. Other than Seeeduino you can also find it in DFRobot or some other places. But remember, they are still BT, not XBee.

Thank you

Thank you Guys for your very HELPFUL Informations :slight_smile: