Bluetooth Bee 2.0 Not Connecting


I am trying to communicate to my SSC-32U board using the included Bluetooth Bee 2.0 module. I am able to find it when I search for Bluetooth devices but when I try the pin “1234” and “0000” it says it is an incorrect passkey. Is there another pin I should try and/or how do I set the board back to default?


@scomandini Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Assuming you purchased the following kit, you likely received the Bluetooth module below:

The pairing code should indeed be 1234 (default). Can you ensure it has been installed on the SSC-32U in the correct orientation? Also, note that nothing else should be connected to the serial input (ex. no USB cable, nothing connected to the Tx, Rx). The baud rate of both the SSC-32U and the Bluetooth module are both 9600 by default, but on the SSC-32U this can be accidentally changed by pressing the baud rate button.

The user guide for the module, including the position of the switch and setting configurations can be found here:

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