Bluetooth and XBEE

Hi, I am working on a project that includes contolling a robot wirelessly though visual basic 2010. And I was researching and found that if you use an xbee it is the same code as when using a usb cord. But i want to use bluetooth instead. And I was wondering if the code is the same when using bluetooth (like the xbee). I assume that it is the same because it is a form of RF. But I need to know from LMR if it is the same code with Bluetooth or is it different.


Serial is serial

Serial is serial. It does not make a difference if it is being sent through a wire, RF, IR, audio or Bluetooth. 

There of course will be the issue of making sure your baud rates play nice and you will have to do the regular BT stuff like pairing and connecting, but all in all, I would be surprised if you had to change your code in any way to switch from an X-bee to BT.

BTW, the bluetooth module (on the robot), when paired and connected to the computer,  will appear as a com port --just like your USB now. Its all the same.


Thank you. I appreciate it.