Bipedal, brushless, rotary encoder, walker kit


My friend and I are embarking on a self-teaching journey into robotics. We are both Mechanical Engineering graduates, so we think we can handle something rather technical. But I’m not sure where to begin! There are thousands of parts/kits on this website.

We would ultimately like to build a bipedal walker that uses brushless motors and rotary encoders. Do we have anything like that on this website? Even just a brushless motor + encoder kit to play around with for a while?

We have already built up some experience with Arduino projects but we’re certainly open to learn about Pi’s, Tinsy’s, and the like.

Thanks for your help everyone!

Although not brushless (as you specifically stated), one project which might be of interest is:

This is being done using the new Lynxmotion Smart Servos, and would allow you to become involved in the development of a custom humanoid before you make the investment in BLDC motors, and gain significant experience with the (advanced) software side.

In terms of BLDC motors and controllers which can be used on a humanoid, there are very few, and robots like Boston Dynamic’s Spot Mini (and others) as well as exoskeletons / power suits use low speed, high torque pancake style BLDC motors which were designed for use in large UAV gimbal systems. If you are considering a full sized humanoid using BLDC motors, research “hub motors”.

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