Biped robot

Okay. If you know i am building cheap 4-DOF biped.
If you want to know what would it be,it's going to be like EasyBotics Easy Biped :O 

I got some ideas and i ordered 4x Hextronik HXT900 servos.
Next thing i buy is PCB making things and PicAxe 14M. 
I make chassis when i get some plastic sheets.
But i can tell you some things:
- It has a homemade IR sensor
- And led eyes
- I can modify it easy to walk and avoid obstacles or be a sumo or dance
- I may add an IR receiver to remote control mode 

I got some Plexiglass (acrylic sheet) and i may make chassis tomorrow.
If i can't make it tomorrow, i make it when my servos arrive.
Under feet is few door stopper buttons for grip.
Going forward,going forward... 

Parts are cutted,waiting for servos.
Hope they come tomorrow.
But instead of door stoppers i used electric tape for grip.
I add first pictures when i create a project so everyone sees it.
I'm going to post it when my legs are ready and everything checked.

I haven't got servos yet but i ordered other parts.
When i borrow Dremel i cut bigger feets.
And when i have pcb ready i make middle-sheet for it.
Everything is going, but not parts. 

Good idea. I saw a video

Good idea. I saw a video about those EasyBiped and I love them. The walking pattern is so funny and with a nice programming you can let him walk in different styles, even dancing.

You could use the remote control to switch between the different walking pattern.

Please keep going and post your progress!!!

cool! this is gonna be

cool! this is gonna be exciting!