Binary mode

Hi All,

I’ve been playing around with the new SSC-32U and I really like the new features. Especially the improved power management and the xbee port!

Currently my software uses Binary Mode to speed up the communication. Detailed information can be found here:

Is Binary Mode still supported in the new SSC-32U version? I could not find anything in the documentation.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Xan,

Thank you for contacting us, and we apologize for the delayed reply.
We are looking into it and we will contact you asap as soon as we have results.


Hi Xan,

We just ran a few quick tests on an SSC-32U sending binary commands (following the format here) and had great success! We used 2 small RB-Dfr-124 and a larger RB-Hit-144.

We tried both individual commands and group move commands and the RC servos all responded as expected.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions concerning the SSC-32U!


Hi Scharette,

Thanks for the feedback! Good to hear the binary mode is still supported!

Thanks, Xan