Bicycle robot

How extremely cool is this!

The biped is using it’s own balance to cycle around. I’m not sure if it is attached to the saddle but his feet and hands are not. I love it when it stops and put’s the legs on the ground. :slight_smile:

Really inspiring!


Real nice one… i see it at the TV yesterday.
That is a lot of work i guess.

Will need my IMU… LOL

Wow that gyro is an awesome piece of tech.

Something like that would be really useful in my future Mech Warfare project!

Really awesome))
Thanks for the vid, it’s just amazing!

[size=200]D#n%d*[/size] thing rides better than I do! :frowning: :blush: :cry: :imp:

This forum gets more and more depressing every day!

What’s really depressing is that I can’t even dream up such great ideas. This is more in line with the inventive geniuses, Zenta, Innerbreed, Dialfonzo, and Akdabaous or the coding wizards Xan and Kurte.

Robot Dude, will the kit come with a sidecar?

This video is AWESOME! I want that robot (as well as pretty much every other awesome robot out there :mrgreen:)!
Thanks for sharing the video! ^____^

Thanks for the compliment RoboTed but I am still 100 years too early to be compared to the amazingness of Zenta, Dialfonzo and Innerbreed! :blush: :mrgreen:

You have already demonstrated the spark of inventive genius. Yes you’re behind them now, but your university courses will help close that gap.

Don’t you know it’s impolite to disagree with your elders? :imp: :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue: See that it never happens again!

RoboTed my good sir, I am very sorry and I hope that you’ll accept my most humblest of apologies. :mrgreen: