Beginner needing help wiring a Sabertooth 2x12 with a Jazzy Pride Wheelchair

Hi Folks, I’m taking a shot at building a beach cart. I have a Jazzy Pride wheelchair with 2 functioning motors. I have a Sabertooth 2x12, a Radiolink RC4GSv3 and two universal servo extensions.

I am struggling with the initial wiring from the chair to the Sabertooth. I have 10 wires in total; four coming off of each of the motors (Red, Black, and then two thinner wires that are both black) and then two wires from the two batteries that are wired to each other.

I’ve take the wire hub apart and trying to see which fires have which functions so I can wire the Sabertooth correctly.

My goal is to have a carth that can move forward and backwards and turn left and right. Am I in the right place and if so, I would like to ask for some help moving this project forward. If I am not in the right place, can someone please tell me where I can possibly find some answers?

Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi @VitoMu and welcome to our forum.

I think red and black wires from the motor are positive and negative polarity, and two black wires are brakes for the motor.

Maybe this topic can be helpful for you, if you want to connect this to Sabertooth:

Thanks! I appreciate your comment. I will check out that link now. I have a 2x12, I’m wondering if I need to change it to a 2x32, as most configurations seem to use the 32. I wonder if I need the additional ports for the brake wires.

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It is important to know how much current your motors can draw. Are there any information about nominal current or nominal power for these motors?

Based on it, you can choose appropriate Sabretooth driver.

Probably, 2x32 would be enough, while 2x12 could be struggling if these motors are bigger ones.

The motor is an E660, left and right sides. Thank you again for your time Igor. I’m going to go to my hobby shop today and probably purchase the 2x32. As I was researching the difference between the two, the 2x32 seemed to be able to carry a higher weight, up to 300lbs, so I think this makes it more worthwhile then the 2x12 which could end up struggling under the weight and power.

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For sure 2x32 will carry more than 2x12. Let us know how your project goes in the future.

Thank you! I greatly appreciate your assistance!

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You are welcome.

Let us know if you managed to finish your project.