BASIC Stamp 1 help?

OK, plain and simple...

I need a 100% complete tutorial on how to set up a basic stamp 1 (I know the BS-I is horrible).


Literally everything. All I can find are BS2 tutorials.


Thanks so much

The bs1 isn’t really that

The bs1 isn’t really that horrible. It’s actualy very similar to the picaxe chips, I’d say comparable to the 8m or 14m. The syntax is pretty similar as well when you compare the two.

Best bet though as far as getting things rolling is to go to the parallax site and see if you can find docs(I know they do as I compared the bs1 to the picaxe after I got the picaxe. I was going to use some bs1 code to work with the picaxe…). Also they have a very large and good forum to look up info as well.

Ok my first microcontroller

Ok my first microcontroller was also a BS1 and I felt the same way, there is like no information. Just keep looking, and yeah the forums are great. Have any specific questions ask me and I’ll see what I can do.


Parallax BS is probably the most well documented and supported platform

the Parallax Basic Stamp Syntax and Reference manual contains everything about the whole range of the BS controllers

(tech specs, and PBASIC language)

you can download it from here :

What ndupont said
The Basic Stamp manual has both code examples for the BS2 and the BS1 (for the commands the BS1 has). Each command description in the manual usually has it’s own little code example. Just some commands are BS1 only and some ore BS2 only. A quick Google of “Basic Stamp 1 examples” turned up this document called a BS1 appnote with quite a few circuits and examples.

thanks all, but i should
thanks all, but i should have mentioned how long i’ve had the stamp… like almost a year. I know it is popular and all, but i’ve searched the parallax site high and low, and really the biggest question i have is how to hook it up physically. does that require any extra hardware? ( i have the basic breadboard or carrierboard thing)

how the heck did you do that
how the heck did you do that google thing

It’s a secret.
It’s a secret.

No really that was pretty

No really that was pretty cool, thanks for sharing. Just look at his URL and cut off all the extra stuff the site is this:

OK fine, just ruin the fun.
OK fine, just ruin the fun. I’d seen it used on another forum and even here a time or 2. It is the initials of “Let Me Google That For You” and cracked me up the first time I’d seen the link. Their live link is interesting to see what people are using it for.

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ha i figured it out

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