Basic progress

Here are a map of parts in the Mr. Basic kit

So far I've dicharded:
The wheels (13&14)
The bumper (17)
The battery holder (18)
The front axle shift metal fixer (20)

and I've mutilated/hacksawed/drilled:
an Axis joint device (5)
both Front axles(7)
The Chasis (11)
one Decelerated pinion chassis (12)

And I know some of the copper tubes (22&23&24) have a dark future ahead dating my trusted hacksaw.

Two of the axle fixers (16) and the PCB (25) have been repurposed to other tasks

On top of this I contemplate to add:
a GM10
a servo
a wireless cam
polymorph (duh!)
a Fingertech ESC or two
Oddbots passport picture (to make it purdie)
Some lexan or plexiglass
a firing/shooting mechanism
a picaxe 28X1
LEDs (duh!)
BIG Wheels