Basic 74AC240 Bicore

I wanted to upgrade him with a solar engine, and I decided on the FRED solar engine.  Originally, I was going to build the FLED solar engine, but it is so inefficent it drove my perfectionist side insane.  Sooooo, I ended up spending half an hour getting this circuit to work, and I suceeded in getting it to pulse in direct sunlight and under an incandescent desk lamp.  The FLED couldn't even pulse with the light bulb literally on top of the solar cell!

I included a video of it pulsing wherever videos I embed in my posts go/are.


one 1F capacitor

two 1000 μF capacitors

one 0.47 μF capacitor

three 1K resistors

three 10K resistors

one red flashing LED

one 4.0 V, 2-3 mA solar cell

one 2N3904 transistor

one 2N3906 transistor

Some images of the circuit:

Cool, but the pics are dead.

Cool, but the pics are dead.