Base for paintball rc robot

Hi! This is my first blogpost here, so bare with me.

This will not be the first robot I build, even though I think it could be done by scavaging parts from different finished products. I'm thinking of building an rc paintball car with a camera on it for navigation. Would something like this be useable?

The paintball gun would probably be a little heavy, and the truck a little slow. What do you guys think about this? Is it worth getting in to, and could it work? What would be (a) better option(s)?

Thank you for taking time reading my post!


This would be used in the woods, so this thought has occured to me too. I ended up looking at this considering the amount of tweaking I would avoid having to do, as the gun could mount on the crane. I think the gun would be pointing upwards more than what would be usable at long distances. A heavier, more expensive platform would probably be the way to go.

Have you considered

a Wild Thumper 6WD chassis? Mass shouldn’t be an issue.


That seems like a great option. Thanks!