Barrel Snow Machine

Hi Folks~
First post!
I am building a snow machine (rotating wire mesh barrel dropping snow product) and am thinking about using this servo motor:

How do I control this motor?

Hi @Tompwhite and welcome to the forum!

Read more here:

Have you already choose which micro-controller you will use?

@igor_X Thank you for your response!

I am trying to determine if I need a microcontroller or a motor controller or both…

I am actually building 3 of these show machines. Here are some of my questions:

  1. Do I need a controller (micro or motor) if I just need the machines to turn on and off?
  2. Will the controller give me the ability to change the rotation rate?
  3. Can I control all 3 of the servo motors with the same controller (motor controller?)
  4. Can I use a tester to run these motors? I’m thinking about the Servocity Manual Servo Driver or the Mini Servo esc tester.
  5. If I do use the ServoCity Driver, could one of the two outputs drive two servos? (this is kinda like question 3)

Thanks in advance for any assistance