BarkTrak Trailer sugestions help


Hi All,

I've been busy with my robot recently. I've rebuilt the voltage regulator, added a battery monitor all situated on the newly fitted expansion boards on the rear. The battery is now housed in the battery housing (Great place to house it really.)


I've also revisited my loft and found BigTrak's trailer.


This has suffered more damage than BigTrak did in my loft, so I've replaced all the axles with some M10 Studding and replaced the tipper mechanism with a servo.




I can hook up the trailer to the Picaxe board using a stereo jack (as the origional BigTrak did). This allows for constant rotation of the robot with the trailer still attached.






What I'm stuck with now, is what should I use it for?

Any suggestions Guys?




The Bromz.



Yep I concur, an arm on the
Yep I concur, an arm on the front ala Mr Tidy to pick up stuff.

Great LMRians think alike.

Great LMRians think alike. Beer caddy.  ; j

Alternatively, you could rig him with some arms and he could go around searching for stuff to pick up. The arms could then lift and drop the items into his trailer. Then have a designated area where he dumps stuff that he finds. You could use an IR beacon or other method to help him navigate to this area.

Then what you’d have is a general purpose tidying bot. Score some points with the wife.

Mmmmmm beer!


I like the idea of a beer caddy, but I also like the idea of tidy up bot. Shouldn’t both of those jobs be done by my wife though? Only joking, she’d kill me for saying that.

I’ll attempt to build an arm and see how it goes.

Thanks for the help.

The Bromz.