Banebots motor mounting

So i have a pair of banebots motors (

I was working on the chassis for my latest robot, but, I could not find a suitable way to mount these motors on my plywood chassis. They have mounting holes, but they aren't very deep. Any suggestions?

if the holes in the black
if the holes in the black plastic thingeys aren’t already threaded, you could tap threads there and run a normal bolt through your plywood.

a little problem
The holes are threaded, but they are only about one cm deep which seems too short to me to be very effective.

nah, a normal nut are seldom
nah, a normal nut are seldom as long as 1cm…


I used the exact same motors on my schools latest SumoBot, I used the mounting holes on the side and actually cut the screws to only 1.25 cm in length, you should be fine as long as you use 4 of the mounting holes on one of the sides, or use all 4 on the front mounting holes. The best motors I have used for sumo yet by far! good choice for any project requiring lots of tourque without sacraficing too much speed.