Back in business

It's been quite a while since I've been active on LMR. I have been working a lot on Java programming instead of my robots, but now I'm back with new ideas for my "Robot Hansen" robot who will get a serious upgrade from his current picaxe 40x1 chip: He will have a LEGO NXT controller as main brain, a cmucam3 for vision, several ATtiny26 based sensors and actuators. All this because he will probably be going to DTU Robocup 2010.

I've started off by adding quadrature encoder discs to the rear wheels. Now I just need to get me some sensors for that. I'm thinking of the qrd1114 emitter/receiver pair for this purpose.

The encoders are supposed to enable him to keep a rough estimate of where he is and he will be using visual landmarks around the course to correct this estimate.

My friend, the lego-man is back!

Nice to have you back, Jimbo :slight_smile:

(You have user numer 8 - we are over 10.000 now! :D)