AVR's anyone?/ Hello

Hello, this is my first post here. All you projects look amazing!

I hope to learn alot!

Anyways, has anyone worked with AVR microchips before? I personally use Atmel’s ATMega 168. I find that the interpreter is a little hard to get working but it is really easy to work with after that. The chips are pretty cheap to.

I have also worked with RCK/NXT from Lego.

I hope to post my own project up here soon!

Hey, welcome :)Any

Hey, welcome :slight_smile:

Any description of the ATMega 168 - perhaps as a walkthrough - would be really great!

And looking forward to see your project shared with us, thanks!!

Personally I have only had brief contact with AVR and Lego, so i cannot help you much.

/ Frits

I’ve been working with
I’ve been working with ATmega168 a bit, but only through the Arduino environment. I’ve felt this microcontroller is powerful, even trigonometry and inverse kinematics calculations works well.

I haven’t worked with that

I haven’t worked with that particular chip, but I am working on Atmel mikrokantrollers. What language are you using?

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ok- a few things.

1) i believe the Arduino uses one.

2) Pololu Orangutans use em.

3) Orangutans kick butt! They’re perfect for robotics because they have motor drivers built in. They’re not that expensive, but they have an LCD, so that

kicks up the price. Also, like Fred said, you can program them with the Arduino IDE. They’re great if you want to step up from arduino bots.

I am not using one of the

I am not using one of the ready robot-boards like adruino, as you can see on my bot project, the microcontroller sitts right on the breadboard. I make all my drive-cirquits myself and for programming assembler, i found that AVR-Studio is the best envoirement. If you are a beginner you will find adruino bords and IDE more easy though I think, because it aleready has some standart cirquits on it, and i think there are a lot of libarys out there for adruino, that you can include, instead of programming every PWM and every sensor yourself. (Thats why it takes me so long to get my motors woring^^)

yea I use Atmega8 and

yea I use Atmega8 and AtTiny2313 :slight_smile: I fellt in love with those chips :smiley: here I buy Attiny2313 with about 1 - 1.5$ :smiley: