Autonomous boat - data transmission

I am going to build an autonomous boat, I have already a topic related with electronics here, but as it is a different area of concern I will submit a new topic.

I need to transmit a handful of data from autonomous boat on Raspberry Pi to a laptop on land - especially the GPS data (I was thinking about JSON format) and a different variables to verify the connection status (safety measures). Right now I have a GSM/GPRS module on Fibocom G510, I was thinking about steering it with AT commands, you probably know something similar done on Arduino, there won't be much difference to control it. I wanted to use TCP IP over GPRS for data transmission as relatively cheap solution. Is it possible to send such data using this method to a laptop with Linux connected to internet? Or do I have to use a different Raspberry Pi to receive data when using this way of transport? I am asking, as I don't have a big experience regarding this area. Tutorials will be helpful as well if you only know about something


I appreciate your help!