Automatic Shirt folding robot

This is my latest robot, and it can fold shirts. Its made from a vex kit and it has 3 servos. Enjoy the video!

Fold shirts

  • Actuators / output devices: Servos
  • Control method: RC
  • Target environment: indoor, flat surface

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This is my comment.

Can this be adapted for use

Can this be adapted for use with underpants?

Funny, I was thinking kind of the same

now I’ll just have to add,  "Does it fold the emperor’s new clothes as well?

Nice! Haven’t seen much from you in a while

You should get some cheap servos and an Arduino online and permanent-atize it so that you can keep this bot. Looks like it could be legimiately useful!

really good! I should get

really good! I should get one of these to balance my laziness !


That is really really awesome solution!! Gotta make my mom take a look at this…

Nice job

You have fot a really good idea. Keep it up !

Really, really ace!!

Really, really ace!!


Now add a conveyour belt from your dryer.

Great idea, I really need one