Automatic prototype pet feeder

This is a project I recently made for my dog it uses a arduino a rfid pad and servo when the key card is placed against the rfid the servo activated and moves the lid and the food comes out I’m still working on finding a better lid but this is it so far



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Hi @Dante_Anderlich !

Can we see your dog using it? :slight_smile:

What is the idea with using RFID?

Hey ya totally I need to cut the top of the cup to put the food in and I’m using the rfid for when it opens I let doesent close fully so I put a fix to that by using a rfid I’m thinking about just taking it out and coding the servo to make it fully automatic

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Nice. I thought you are using RFID tag, so maybe dog can have RFID tag in his collar, so he can get some food when near the feeder :slight_smile: