Auto drawing robot with arduino

Hi, I have to create an auto drawing robot for school and with arduino I have to create it by myself and program it, but I have no clue where to start from. Can somebody help me? Everything will help me thank you!

@L74 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. You’ll need to provide a lot more information.

  1. What level of school are you attending (high school, college, university etc.)?
  2. Is this something the teacher requested or you gave the idea and it was accepted?
  3. Do you have any programming background? Any mechanical background?
  4. When you say “drawing”, does it need to be able to take any image, or can you have it draw only a few images (which you pre-program)?
  5. When you say “create it myself”, does that mean that kits like the Doodle Bot are not possible?

If you’re in high school and tasked with creating something like the AxiDraw V3 or Axidraw V2 (kit) which can interface with Windows-based software to have it draw whatever image you provide, that’s well beyond the support we can provide here.

Hi @cbenson ,thank you for replying.

  1. It’s a project for my last year of high school.

  2. It’s a project that I suggested and it was approved. It inspired me.

  3. I have basically no programming background/experience and no mechanical background. But I would like to learn.

  4. It would be better if it could be able to draw every kind of image, so that’s my goal.

  5. Yes, I mean I can’t use already made kits for example I can’t buy that doodle kit but I can buy pieces like wheels motors ecc and connect them together and then to my arduino. But I can look up what other people have made and try to do like they did. And for the code I can maybe “copy” others people codes but not to much and I should be able to tell what a certain code does.

Hope this will be enough for you if you have any other questions about this please ask me! Thank you :pray:t2:

TBH it’s never a good idea to propose a robotics project without having a good idea of what’s involved. Given that you say you have no programming or electromechanical background, and creating a robot capable of drawing an image from a computer requires knowledge of both, you have multiple fields to learn about and become capable in.

Start by looking up what others have done in terms of “Drawing robot”. Sites like Instructables and Hackaday will give you ideas and an insight into what’s needed. If you find a style of drawing robot you like, see just how much information you can get about other DIY drawing robots of the same design. List all steps involved, including the materials, firmware and software.