Attiny 3 channel servo controller (2833Bytes)
So, i’m too lazy to make tip or whateva so i just upload the video, code and text.

Basically I made 3 channel servo controller out of attiny13a. I use Attiny13 because it was the smallest chip i could get my hands on. Attiny reads 3 ADC channels and moves servos accordingly. I think the code converts 0V to 0ms pulse and 5V to 1.5ms pulse. Next version should generate pulses from 1ms to 2.5ms but whatever, it works this way too. Code uses all 6 i/o pins (including reset) of chip so if you want to use it again you need fusebit doctor or hvsp programmer. Code is 100% by me and in C, includes comments in Estonian…

Youtube video shows small robot hand what uses this controller and zip consists of hex and c files.