Attiny 2313/4313 servo driver

Hello everyone!

Attiny85/45s are great for small projects because nearly all pins can be used to drive servos simultaneously.

However 5 servos are nice but not enough. I found out that I have bought some Attiny4313s a while ago. They 20-pin chips that can be programmed via arduino. Now I am wondering how many servos it can control. There already are different approaches:

If there was an easy way to control the servos this would be the ideal controller:

It can work at 1.8 to 5.5 V , has a 18  I/O lines and costs only 1€. 


Is it technically possible to control 12 Servos with the Attiny2313/4313 or should I not waste the time trying to figure this out?


Thanks for your answers! I

Thanks for your answers! I will have a look at the PCA9685PW.

I just dont believe a pwm port is needed for each servo, the small attiny85 has only 2 pwm ports and can drive 4 or even 5 servos.

This guy built a 10-channel I2C sero controller out of an attiny2313:

Software driven servos seem

Software driven servos seem to be the solution. I dont need very high precision for my projects so this should be no problem. 

The Servo8Bit library is actually great, I am using it on my biped robot:

This looks promising, too:

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your support! Looks like a lot of work.

Unfortunately I still have a ton of exams left this semester and wont get my hands on the project before february.