Attaching a Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) Adapter Board to servos and a flight controller on a model rocket

Would i need the Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) Adapter Board with a flight controller for a GPS guided rocket with a gyro so that i can guide the rocket with the return to home function, and use the flight controller for the gyro stabiliser and how can i do this or do i even need both or just the flight controller with a return to home function and gps i would like the easiest option that controls the servos and has a return to home function with a gps and flight gyro stabaliser.


Hi Davebryant_TheBullet

The LSS Adapter is a USB to Serial adapter that provide the serial interface as well as power distribution for one or more LSS servos.
Depending of your use of the LSS you may need it or not.

We don’t have any background in GPS guided rocket with a gyro.
What’s supported by your flight controller exactly ?

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This is the first aeronautical engineering project and experiment that I will be conducting and I will be launching a amraam 120 model rocket from a aircraft at roughly 1500ft altitude and trying to guide it into a floating bouy target 5 miles offshore. I’m aware that I need a electric gyro so that it will stabilise the rocket stopping it from spirling off course and a return to home function sender and receiver on board the rocket and bouy and also to control the tail fins with servos guiding the rocket into the a gps sending device attached to the bouy. I have researched the Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) Adapter Board to control the lynxmotion smart servos with a gps return to home function but was wondering about the flight controller attached for the electric gyro and how i will connect it to the adaptor or if I will only need a flight controller that controls the smart servos that has a return to home function and a electric gyro already. I just needed to know if I needed both and how I would connect them all together running from an application.

Do you have any solutions considering i need a return to home function and a multi servo controler that is gps guided. Cheers.

I attached more details to the conversation please read it. To answer your question i dont have a flight controller in mind yet but will try and get one that will work with the application and the adaptor board with the gps return to home function.

This seems like a very intense project.

Can’t really speak about the Return to Home / GPS / Flight Controller options.
But the LSS Adapter is made exclusively to do the USB to Serial communication for the LSS servos as well as distribute the power.

Usually that kind of project require quite a bit of programming to achieve the desired functions.
A “Brain” which could be called a flight controller is used to compute and sensors like an IMU can be external or internal to that PCB.

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