Attach caster swivel wheel with dc motor

Hi all
I have a question actually. I am designing a robot as my hobby project and I am struck somewhere. I have a caster swivel wheel which I want to attach with my dc motor. My DC motor is placed in horizontal position. Now I do not know, how can I attach it with my motor? Do I need some other mechanical component for this? I looked it up on internet but I could not come across any example.

I would really appreciate if someone can just give me some direction.

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Hi @hardikrathod and welcome to our forum.

Usually, to connect a wheel with the motor shaft, you would need a hub or a coupler:

In your case, since you want to attach a caster swivel wheel to a DC motor shaft, it could be that you cannot find already made coupler, but you have to design it on your own.

Maybe you can share with us dimensions of the motor shaft and dimensions of the wheel (or the mounting plate of the swivel wheel, not sure how you want to attach it) and we can try and find something.

Also, some schematics or a sketch of your robot would help.