ATMega328P Botboarduino Output


I’m trying to dynamically turn power off and on to the ATMega328P 5v output sections using code.

I’m trying to ignite fireworks with my Lynxmotion rover. My fireworks ignition hardware takes 6v, but they will fire with 5v from the output sections on the Botboarduino highlighted in the diagram below. Is there a way to programmatically turn these sections of the board on and off? I’m ultimately trying to launch fireworks from my rover using a Ps2 controller and need to key the firing command off of a button-down event.

Hardware concerned:
ATMega328P Botboarduino Sabertooth

Software concerned:
Arduino Ps2 Controller

Troubleshooting steps already taken:
Ignition fires from highlighted board sections but not from digitalWrite(x, HIGH), number 19 in diagram below.

When measuring the voltage I’m getting like 4.6v from section 19 and 4.9v from the highlighted section, which is just enough to fire the igniter. If I can’t use the highlighted section for ignition voltage, I plan to install a relay to fire the ignition with 9v instead of the onboard 5ish volts from section 19.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

It does sound like a relay would be the safer option. The onboard 5V regulator can only provide so much current.

Great, I will experiment with a relay to a higher voltage circuit to fire the igniter