[ASK] Programmable Bluetooth Module RC Kit

Hello, i'm trying to find datasheet for this product. i bought it from


(sorry, insert link somewhat inactive as i create this post)

 I didn't aware that this product is programmed spesific to be controlled by Android. I contacted costumer service, and they said it can be programmed for avr. I asked for it's datasheet, but they only gave provided bluetooth chip module datasheet, not all of it. and they only give a picture which display all part of it.



i thought that android image in that picture just there just for the sake of it.I knew this is dagu products, because:

1. I saw it from my bluetooth module at the backside, written “www.dagu.com.cn”. I know there’s no words like that in the picture.

That’s the image from the website, and i don’t have camera, so i can’t upload picture my own.

2. The software provided in the website, is android software that used by OddBot to control his robot in quadruped2.wmv


I’m using it to control my Rover 5 with Dagu 4 Channel DC Motor Controller. It will be controlled by ATmega8535. I need encoder feature that provided by Rover 5.

This module can be used directly to control the motor ( there’s output voltage that made for motor), and controlled by the software. I just need the bluetooth feature and output ADC that will give input to my ATmega8535


 I don’t want to control it by android and arduino robot, as my project required to use it in C++.i want to reprogram it, Unfortunately, i don’t know what pin isp is there, as i don’t have the datasheet.

Can anyone give me link this datasheet, and links how to program this blueotooth module?  i’m too absolute beginner, espescially with programming bluetooth.







This klinikrobot.com website

This klinikrobot.com website looks odd to me. I don’t want to register to 4shared.com only to get a free available datasheet.The supplier for the BT module is mdfly, where you can find the datasheets.

The BT module is just a serial wire replacement, connected to the UART pins of the controller. So far no magic. If you get it paired with a PC you should talk to the controller over a serial link.

The ISP connector (6pin connector labeled no. 3) should have the standard pinout. You will need an ISP programmer to program your own program into the controller. But you will need to find out, what pins has been used to control the motor driver, etc.



Found some more infos at

Found some more infos at RoboSavvy including sourcecode, protocol description and better photos for the DAGU Racer 01. The video is showing a different robot with a different controller board. Do you want to use the complete controller board or only the bluetooth module?

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Thanks a lot for your reply! that’s really save me a lot of time.


This is picture taken from pdf at link that you give me.

i don't need the controller, just want it's bluetooth module. Yes i have succeed communicate with bluetooth over serial link through Hyperterminal ( i noticed  that everytime i type anything, LED (labeled by speed degree) changed).

The module that i received, is exactly same as the board in that picture, so yeah, isp connector in my board already have 6 pin-out.

Do i really need to know what pins to control the motor driver? Because i just need ADC output (there's TTL at the rightside of LED speed degree). But when i tested that TTL while typing, it doesn't give output voltage. There's also firmware that robosavy give so i  notice that ADC module can be enabled.

  I may have take some time to study it, thanks RobotFreak :D


If you don’ use the

If you don’ use the controller, you don’t need to know the motor controller pins. No idea about the ADC output. You have to find out it by yourself. Good luck.