Art Attack : the Hexapod/Picasso challenge

I want to find out, how accurate my teach mode servo arm is.
I thought of adding a felt-pen to the learning arm and guide the teacher arm along a geometric pattern.
The pen would draw a (mirrored) copy of the pattern.
But it would be much more fun to redraw a famous cartoon hero (eg. Snoopy, Mickey, or Bugs Bunny) and post the results here.

So here’s the challenge: Make your bot draw a copy of well known figure. Use ‘line follower’ sensors to mimik a scanner or (Pixy-) Camera or whatever you like.
Who’s in? :smiley:
Who’s done it before?


To increase participation, you might want to look up which members have developed similar projects here on the community and include them in @ replies here.

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How do I know, which moderator takes care about this forum category?
I’d like to have this thread transfered to //challenges, please.

Request put in and should be changed shortly.

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