Arm squeaking - needs lubrication?

We’re getting a lot of squeaking coming out of the area of the arm that rotates from the base, where the ball bearings are. It sounds like it needs lubrication or something. If so, what should we use to lubricate it?

Here’s a video of the problem: Roz Squeek on Vimeo


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In most cases, a light machine oil or a silicone-based lubricant can work well for robotic arm joints. These lubricants are commonly available and can help reduce friction and noise. Avoid using heavy greases or lubricants that might attract dust and debris. You can see the following article too:

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Hi Bravenew,

Have you bought the arms pre-assembled or in kit form ?
We have a tube of grease included in the kit which should be applied inside the ball bearing cavity, before inserting the pin.

Let us know,

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Thank you for the response! They were bought pre-assembled. We’ll go buy some grease today.


Step 3/5 here: 02 - 5 DoF Base

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