Finaly, after years of waiting, the killer app is here: ArduinoDroid an app that allows one to program an Arduino board from a tablet or (some) phone. Yeah, now you can pack light for that robotic contest or conference, no need to carry the whole laptop, just a tiny 7" tablet that you can also use to read, watch movies, play games... or quickly tweak your sumo robot's code.


I don’t think you quite pasted the correct information in the anchor link. :slight_smile:



You’d think someone would have done it sooner

I’ve been getting annoyed with talk about the death of the pc. I’ve thought of tablets as just consumer devices and you do your real work on a pc. But this, this is a good step in the right direction.

I know. You can’t do this on

I know. You can’t do this on an iPad, since it lacks the USB OTG port. (I really don’t know why are they calling it that, to me is USB host when you can plug in a stick, mouse, etc. and USB device when you need to plug the tablet into the computer) The crappy chinese tablet I bought 2 years ago could do it, but there was nobody at that time knowledgeable to do it. Since then I was constantly bugging the guys on the Arduino forum to do it, but to no avail. And now, when I don’t have a tablet anymore and no time for robotics, someone did it. Yeah…