Arduino UNO Rev 3 + Bluetooth Bee + Android


behalf of my Awesomeness,

I beg all of you to PLEASE HELP me on my very 1st robot :D 

I have an Arduino UNO Rev 3 and a Protyping Sheild 

And I need to control 6 DC motors via BLUETOOTH Bee 

and my remote control is a App in ANDROID the "BlueBots" 


My MAIN concern is 

How to combine that 3 products so that I can Control the 6 DC motors 

Cuz my robot is a Rover, the DC motor is Located at the Right side while the other is on the Left side for the Wheels :D just like Mars Curiosity Rover Mobility

You may Suggest any IDEA, VIDEO TUTORIAL, LINKS, PDF FILES, or Anything that CAN really HELP ME to build a Better Future 


Thank you :D 

This “might” help you

This “might” help you -

You would want the “bleeding edge” release and not the 14.9 …  

I’m interested in developing it further, if your interested in trying it…  I probably could help