Arduino Starting A Car?

Hello there,

I have a question regarding an Arduino circuit. Few years back a made an Arduino based circuit with a GSM modem and some relays and i was able to send commands via SMS and i was able to start my car. That was easy for my Honda Civic EK3. Now i bought a Suzuki Jimny. I want to install the same circuit on the Suzuki but it has immobilizer. I need to have the key on the ignition so it will read the code from it.

My question is…is it possible i can send the code with the sms somehow, or bind the code with my phone and make a different circuit to trick the onboard computer to think that i put the key?

I don’t want to bypass the car’s immobilizer.

I know its a bit of challenging .

Thanks in advance

Hi @nicolascon96
this is probably a question for the darknet :wink:

Here’s my view: The code changes everytime the key is used.
It will be impossible to fake it. At least, that’s the intention of the makers.

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