Arduino Shield Layout

I am planning to use a simple Arduino Shield for my next project. I would like to use DipTrace to do this. Before I start trying to measure distances between pins on the Duemilanove board, I thought I'd see if anyone here has a DipTrace file that could be used as a starting point for a shield. If so, I'd appreciate a copy.

If not, can anyone point me to a source where I can find the distances between the pins on a basic, stripped down shield. I've searched the Internet and (surprisingly) I have not found anything. I would have thought this information would be on the arduino web site.

Failing both, I'll get out the calipers and post the result here.

On the site, in
On the site, in the Hardware section, the various device pages each have links such as this one to zip files of the Eagle schematic and board files. Perhaps there is some method for Diptrace to import these.