Arduino Motor Shield Help!

I just got my first Arduino motor shield. However, all the servo ports have 4 pins. The problem is that my servos only have 3 pins. Any help is greatly appreciated! By the way, my shield is an Arduino Motor shield from Seeed.

Couldn’t find it

So I went to Seeed studio and searched for Arduino Motor shield" and I got this:

As you can see, this model has no servo connections at all, so it is probably not your board. Then I searched around for 2 or 3 minutes, looking for your “Arduino Motor shield”, and then I thought, “I am wasting my time doing this”.

Adding a link to your board would have probably gotten an answer out of me tonight. Now it won’t.

I hope you don’t have v1 of the motor shield CtC found.

If that is the case, there are no servo connections. The silkscreen on the board should be pretty self explanatory. Down each side of this are labeled as G V A1 A2 or G V B1 B2. This shield is only a motor shield, and, I find it difficult to believe they would consider asking a L298 to power multiple motors. The inputs are power and either I2C or TTL.