Arduino Motor/Robot Shield - Single Sided DIY

I wanted a single sided motor shield which would allow me to control a few servos and 2 DC Motors. All this while allowing easy sensor interfacing. The shield had to be single sided and DIP for DIY.

Some Features -

  • Dual DC Motor support with PWM
  • Servo motor support
  • DIY Single sided PCB
  • Easy sensor interfacing
  • Stackable
  • Compatible with core arduino motor shield
Ideas for improving it are welcome ...

You can download the various required file to generate the shield here -





I think this should go in
I think this should go in the components section.

But im not selling anything
But im not selling anything , its mainly for people making shields at home.

Can you tell me waht eagle
Can you tell me waht eagle libraries are you using for those ARK terminals? I mean, those screw terminals.


Seperate 5V Stabilizer for the PWM pins

Great project. This together with the motoruino are a real addition to the arduino capabilities for robotic projects.

Just wondering, do you derive the +5V directly from the Arduino voltage stabilizer or do you have the ability to derive it from somewhere else. The arduino does not allow for much in terms of power and you would be potentially introducing noise if you would be steering servo’s from it (only 2 Max I’ve read somewhere on these forums). An on board stabilizer of it’s own with an external supply ( directly from the main power supply ) would go a long way in preventing this.

If you took your design from the original motorshield then this would be one of it’s drawbacks which only the motoruino seems to be addressing.

Anyway thnx a lot for the eagly files, very much needed and appreciated you may want to think to release it on the arduino playground as well if not already done so.


This allows you to use two

This allows you to use two power sources , you can drive things either way…

Battery for arduino and a seprate battery for motors

Battery supply from arduino to drive motors also

Battery supply motor shield to drive arduino

motoruino is double sided not really DIY at home :slight_smile: , while this is single sided with big traces so that anyone can make it at home and is compatible with default arduino motor implementations. Same with orignal motor shield it was Double sided !!!


Everything is taken care of in this board :slight_smile: , but its not enough for me so im right now working on l298 single sided :slight_smile: .

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PWM pin power

I’m not sure you understood me correctly, I meant the PWM pins powering the sensors and the servos of a robot not the motordriver itself.

I traced the lines on the PCB and if I’m not mistaking these input/outputs still derive their power from the 5V which is behind the voltage regulater of the Arduino which means this regulator gets loaded when you attach servos and this would have a negative impact on the arduino itself potential resets are not unthinkable. It’s a flaw every motordriver shield I’ve seen for the Arduino has.



Ok go it, Will address this

Ok go it, Will address this issue in l298 board.