Arduino Mega with LCD and PS/2 keyboard (1419Bytes)

I am working on a new robot. All long-term project. The first thing I needed was a keyboard and a LCD as an interface for the Arduino Mega. The PS/2 keyboard library is from here, the code for the serial enabled Sparkfun LCD can be found on Arduino playground. I have added some more functions which allow text scrolling to left and right as well as cursor positioning and modification of text. The video demonstrates the use.


Nice work

Look forward to seeing more about this work/project.

You really want to build

You really want to build your own computer, do you?

I’ve seen the video and must say, that’s a feature I want to add to my “Stray” later…


The code is a little bit

The code is a little bit tricky though. You need to make use of the buffer of the LCD if you want to have scrolling text and the delete function. Otherwise you need FOR loops which affect the CLK of the keyboard and cause errors. I’ll attach the code.