Arduino insect robot planning

Hello everyone right now i am in the making of building a insect robot using Arduino here are my parts that i will be using.

  • ultrasonic sensor
  • 4 servo motors
  • mini breadboard
  • 9v battery pack

here’s a link to a app for my SketchUp. Whiteboard for Online Collaboration | Web Whiteboard
PS: sorry if it is messy :frowning:

I will be pack in 2 days to show the final product.

There does not seem to be a link?

oh my bad ill add it

You might really enjoy using Google Sketchup (free) to create 3D models. What helps is if you take real measurements of each of the components (ex. servo motor). You can export .stl (using a plugin) to create parts you design on a 3D printer.


sounds intresting and better then other apps ill check it out right now thanks my friend :grinning: