Arduino error needs solution to make its programmer happy

hello everybody!,

need help with my  arduino...whenever i try to upload the code, this comes to the screen

"avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"

 i tried with the reset button , the ports are ok and i have the right programmer and board selected, but....,the error still goes on!

please help!!!

Just throwing it out there…

…any chance you have the wrong chip selected?

lights from arduinoUNO and

lights from arduinoUNO and motor driver are on, i get the error in my pc anyway and i cant upload it…

i have an l298n motor driver with two dc motors, an arduino UNO and an hc-sr04 ultrasonic module…


Disconnect everything from

Disconnect everything from the board and try to upload the code, with just the Uno connected to the USB cable. If the error still persists, check that you have Uno selected as the board, correct serial port, see if the LEDs blink on the UNO when you try to upload the code. If the LEDs do not blink, then it’s either the cable or the serial port. If the LEDs blink and you still get the same error, it’s the microcontroller, either the bootloader is corrupted, or the micro was fried somehow.

See, there can be many reasons it doesn’t work. 

RX led

the RX led bliks 3 times and then nothing happens… i’ve disconected everything and the error still persists

the L led does never blink and TX led doesnt blink either

what’s happening?

PD: if i need another arduino to solve this problem then im in problems 'cause i only have one  arduino