Arduino Distributor Pre-order/Group Buy

Hi All,

I had an idea and wanted to gauge interest in case people think its a good idea.  Now I know that there used to be a PDF catalog that was sent out letting LMR members in on some reduced price electronics and other cool stuff, and that it went away because of some growth in markets, so that actual distributors were formed in the US. I wonder if it is alright to unofficially disperse a price list for things I stock in my store from Arduino, and other suppliers. I feel that I can pass on a savings on some of the new stuff like Arduino Leonardo, and the FIO, and if there were an acceptable lead time, special orders could be added in as long as I made a good PDF catalog to look at.

For now, my current order looks like I can comfortably procure Leonardos for $25 including shipping cost to the US, and slightly more for Europe. 

We do a lot of work and projects with members of LMR that might help, and one of the services I can offer is being able to resource what we want to make stuff with.  Does this sound interesting and valuable to you? Please let me know.  I will begin making a catalog to reference for general use, or product that I already have is listed on