Arduino Blutooth

Hi I have an android phone and i want to be able to send my text messages, emails, and other stuff to my arduino by using bluetooth. Is that possible? How would you get the phone to send that?

What is your end goal?

Just to begin the conversation, are you familiar with writing code or is this your first project? If this is the first coding you have done, this may be a bit much to start with.

Assuming you have some experience with code,
What is your end goal? Once the text messages and emails get into the Arduino, what then? Just a thought.

Personally, I would use a BlueSmirf unit on the robot and I would do the android programming in Processing. Processing is very similar to Arduino code and it will be easy to pick up. The newer versions of Processing even support the Android system. In terms of sending data, it is sent through a serial connection --just like any other serial data that you would send. It is surprisingly easy actually.  

BTW --I have been using a BlueSmirf and an App I wrote on my android phone for a while now. It works very well.

I use ethernet

I have tried this also My stumbling block was the android OS block on the serial communications.  You need to root your device to access serial communications.  I didn’t want to do that so my devices can only see Bluetooth headsets.

But with Processing ( I can write apps that talk to the Arduino.  You can also put a web page on the Arduino and access it with a web browser.

Anyone who uses the Arduino ide should at least look at Processing.  I found it easy to learn and useful.

Good luck and be sure to let us know how your project works out.


I want to display it on the

I want to display it on the screen, like a mini watch that shows texts. I have has some experience with arduino,  c++ and java.