Applying to robotics course

Hello, this is my first post here but the subject is very important for me. I have a last year in school and chosen robotics as a course to study in University. 

So the question is - do anybody knows good university with normal entry requirements around in europe? 

Any suggestions?

Well I am currently studying

Well I am currently studying mechatronics (basically robotics) engineering in DCU in Ireland if that is any help to you? 

 Concerning entry it is quite easy, you don’t have to do much paperwork and it is mostly online.


Thanks for replyThing that

Thanks for reply

Thing that worrying me is the GCE A levels requirements to apply. What about them?

I am not too sure about that

I am not too sure about that requirement, my knowledge of grading systems isn’t that good.  If you are worried about how hard it is to get in, as in points needed, it isn’t that hard, 360 points or so( out of a possible 600), so just a bit above an average grade. But your grade will most likely be translated into the irish grading system, a bit of searching on the CAO website or on the university’s website could give you a clue on how that is done.  

Ok. Thanks,i will do some

Ok. Thanks,i will do some research on that