Anyone own a quiet robot vacuum?

I bought my parents the Roomba 980 for Christmas last year, but it’s a little loud (especially on carpeting). Does anyone own a robot vacuum that’s quieter than the average upright vacuum?

Hello @helpadvisors

I don’t have any experience with Robot Vacuums but you can filter your search for a quieter vacuum by looking at the noise expressed in decibels.

For example the Roomba 980 has a noise level of 70-80 dB, the e.ziclean MAPPING SWEEPY less than 58 dB, the Deebot M81 Pro around 57 dB, and the Mamibot ProVac Plus2 around 55 dB.

I hope that information can help you out!


A friend gave us the Xiaomi Mi Robot cleaner, quite advanced and noise level pretty ok for us, 50dB in quiet mode.

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Thanks for the replies! The prob with decibels is that companies always give the lowest dB which is usually on a tile floor (opposed to carpet vacuuming).

@geraldinebc15 - really appreciate you looking those up!

Loving the Robot Shop community so far!


Keep in mind that the Neato is incredibly noisy, but also incredibly effective at vacuuming and navigating its environment. Its motor sounds like a model jet, so most people have it run while they’re away.



Note that the noise level of the fan is usually not the worst ‘‘noise’’ produced by a robot vacuum.

The friction of the brush depending on the kind of floor it will sweep.

In my experience, the Neato regular brush was really noisy when flapping on a wooden tile floor but was pretty quiet when working on a carpet.
See this combo brush since it’s pretty smooth and quiet:

Product Highlights

  • Neato Botvac series combo brush
  • Offers superior pick-up of pet hair
  • Reduced noise during operation
  • Best for homes with pets and allergy sensitivities

Let me know what you think about it.



According to the list at the Eufy Robovac 30C is very quiet. Glad to hear the 980 is so loud, so I’m skipping that one not just because of the price :smiley:

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Thanks for the recommendations everyone!

I’m thinking of making it simpler by writing a review like my one on Ecovacs but it’s hard finding which ones have the lowest decibels. Seems like they range 40-60 dB but I’m not sure if those are official or just said in the description.

Anyways I appreciate all the help!

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