Anybody try hanging electronics on chest or back of J5?

Finally got my Johnny 5, HOORAY! Not finished assembling yet and I’m already looking ahead to what I want it to do. I’m thinking maybe adding a microprocessor, sensors, LEDs, hell I’m even considering using a CMUcam I got floating around here. Has anyone else added electronics? Where? If on the body (not the tracks) did it have an adverse effect? I imagine once I got it assembled and start with the sequencer, what I can and can’t do will become clear. Still if you’ve tried any of this, your commentary and/or photos would be appreciated.

Jim Shaffer

Tyberius has the SSC-32 attached backpack-style to his J5 to make room for a PicoITX board.

And here’s his thread.

I will say that in it’s stock design, the upper torso isn’t going to hold a ton of payload. I ended up replacing the tension springs with RC shocks to counter the added weight (pan/tilt head, SSC-32, and now completely redesigned arms). I’m actually looking at adding another shock in the rear and replacing the two torso servos with 5990TGs due to the arm redesign adding so much weight.

You can mount the SES Electronics carrier pretty easily off of the aluminum channel in the middle of the torso using the spare L bracket that comes with the kit and a few standoffs.

If you have any questions about your J5 and/or modifications I made, feel free to ask.

WOW! Now that’s what I call packin’… Will definitely follow the link to see where you wana take this project. Thanks alot for the RC shocks suggestion, nice. I got like a zillion questions but I’ll read what’s posted first. I just had to express my extreme admiration for this project!

Jim Shaffer

On your blog I saw you were looking for a laser for your Johnny 5! I wanted to experiment with laser to do distance sensing and found a gun sight laser for pistol from a chinese seller on ebay. The laser comes in a black aluminum cylinder with it’s own power supply. It was inexpensive, and all you’d need to do is to mount it. And maybe a relay to switch it on.
I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your progress.
BTW - I too have a family(flat 3 kids and a cat included) to take care of, I also have to open shipments in the bathroom, and burn the midnight oil - What the heck, that’s what hobbies(obsessions) are for.

True that. 8)