Another satisfied customer

It took me awhile to make the time to finish it’s assembly but here it is…

Note the head is a modular design I use on 3 different projects. It uses a modular telephone wall socket so all I need to do is put a cable from the processor board (2pins, +5v, GND - I2C) with a standard rj45 telephone jack and a little super velcro to hold it in place and I can change ‘heads’ (I prefer the term sensor pod) in seconds. This sensor pod has 2 devantechs an SRF08 and a TPA81. Oh and that velcro on the top is for a 9v camera transmitter I sometimes use.
I’m not sure exactly what I want it to do yet but I’ll be starting with the servo alignment and sequencing soon and I’ve got a remote control on order.
It was a laborious project, but thanks to the excellent online documentation, it went without a hitch. Kudos to the folks at Lynxmotion.
The guys at the LANparties I go to are gonna love this one!

Nice build! Appreciate the good words.