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RobotShop and DSP Robotics just launched some new apps to get Phidgets quickly working on your computer. These apps are made with FlowBotics Studio, the new robotics software development platform. The new apps make it really easy to use Phidgets (you don’t even need to install the Phidgets driver

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I have a project that I plan on using Phidgets sensors, VINT, SBC with a WiFI connection to my Mini Mac server with an iPad controller. I want to log all this data to a file that I can access via a spread sheet program. Data samples will need to vary from every 10 ms to 1 second and collected from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Can this complex system be programed with your FlowBotics Phidget Interface Kit app?

@Bruce Contryman:
The current Phidgets objects in FlowBotics Studio (and therefore, the current Phidgets app) are only compatible with the Phidgets21 library, which do not have support for VINT. The newest library, Phidgets22, is not be compatible with those components at this time. That being said, the newer libraries for Windows include DLLs which can be used by FBS (FlowBotics Studio). You can read more about how FBS can use DLLs in the FBS User Guide, starting at page 193.