An even cheaper Wi-Fi board

For a few cents more than the ESP12F you get it with a programmer daughter board, a RGB led, a button and a photoresistor.This is ideal for small robot with networking abilities.Can be programmed with Arduino IDE as a NodeMCU v1.0 .

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ESP12F info

Can you post a link to the specific module you found? Do you have any experience with distance and or antenna with the ESP?

I use ESP8266 from 6 months

I use ESP8266 from 6 months now, the antenna has 40m in open air, 20m typical home. More info later.

It looks like it this

Thanks Silux!

It looks like a nice piece to test! I think I found it here:

and here:,searchweb201644_3_79_78_77_82_80_62_81_61,searchweb201560_5

found them!

Yes, they are them. I ordered 2 from Aliexpress and currently playing with one of these.  The coolest part is that they are useful even without adding any parts, the worst is that you have to unplug it to link it to other sensors. I scrapped Witty firmware to make a webserver, and use dyndns and port forwarding to get my cloud.