Ambient thermometer

thermometer.bas (1089Bytes)

Hi everybody! Just finished with my new little gadget and feel like sharing with LMR. :)

The gadget is room temperature monitor for our baby we are waiting to have this month :)

What it is intended to do:

  • monitor room temperarure
  • "backlight" to be used in the night
  • vibro and light alarm on temperarure out of range

Here are my parts:

  • My favorite enclosure: small food container :)))
  • Picaxe 08M chip
  • CHI040 project board
  • Vibro motor ripped off old thoothbrush
  • LED
  • Push button
  • Micro servo
  • Battery holder
  • BC548B NPN Transistor
  • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
  • A couple of resistors


Building in progress:



Ready product: :)


Operation is really simple: It reads temperature from sensor, updates servo powered dial, then checks if temperature is in range of 16-24 C. If not, vibro and light alarm goes off.


I hope this thingey is going to be usefull :) Looking forwart to "field" tests :D


Add a cheap RF Transmitter

Add a cheap RF Transmitter and microphone and have it send a signal to some pager if the temperature is out of range or there is some loud noise (crying) !

Congratulations with the

Congratulations with the baby, daddy :wink:

Too bad that we will have to wait 2-3 years to see more projects from you though :wink: Be sure to post us pictures!

Oh, and nice project as well :smiley: You will also want to invent something to make the kid sleep :wink:

Thats when the Night Light

Thats when the Night Light comes in :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, guys! I’m no

Thanks a lot, guys! I’m no longer waiting :slight_smile: I’m officially daddy :))))

@fritsl: Yeah, there will be small delay, but nothing like years! At least I hope so :slight_smile: Already working on my next project!

Congratulations ! Remember

Congratulations ! Remember to start teaching him/her robotics early :wink:

Nice!And I’ll share the same


And I’ll share the same fortune middle of next year :slight_smile: