Amazing homebuilt quadruped

Searching for robot videos on youtube I came across this japanese guys profile. The quadruped in the video has a really interesting leg structure, not to mention the extra drive wheels. Check out the videos, it just looks and moves amazing!

Mounted arm playing with balls..

Movement, sans arm..

Leg detail


Wow, I love how it looks so
Wow, I love how it looks so natural moving around. I could also see me using this to give my friend’s kids nightmares. I must have some evil scientist blood in me :stuck_out_tongue:

It reminded me of some evil

It reminded me of some evil gecko the way it walks.

Id love to try something like this but I have too much in the works already.

I want to get my hands on
I want to get my hands on these actuators!!

Leg servos

In the last video, he labels the 2 inner servos as S9602, which corresponds to a Futaba part number, at $65 each. The outer “lift” servo is labeled S3102, probably a $40 Futaba servo. And there appears to be carbon fiber used in part of the frame. He put some cash into this.

Specs for the S3102: Speed: .25 sec/60° @ 4.8V - .20 sec/60° @ 6V

Torque: 51 oz-in @ 4.8V - 64 oz-in @ 6V | 3.7 kg-cm @ 4.8V - 4.6 kg-cm @ 6V


Specs for the S9602: Speed: .11 sec/60° @ 4.8V or .09 sec/60° @ 6V

Torque: 30 oz-in @ 4.8V or 37 oz-in @ 6V (2.2 kg-cm @ 4.8V or 2.7 kg-cm @ 6V)


Both probably could be matched by other cheaper metal gear servos.


The S9602 looks like a nice
The S9602 looks like a nice servo. It’s seems fast and it has, what I wish all servos had: Vertical mounting holes… Too bad they are so expensive. Has anyone seen other servos with vertical mounting holes or other “alternative” mounting brackets?

Servocity mounts
Servocity has a few different choices that attach to the servo and provide a side mount.

Nice! Thanks.
Nice! Thanks.