Aluminum Frame

I am trying to build an aluminum frame for my robot but I am having trouble finding good techniques to cut and bend it. Anyone know a good way to cut and bend aluminum for a frame? I have basic tools, but not anything fancy. The frame needs to be about 7.5 inches and relatively sturdy.

Cutting with a dremel,

Cutting with a dremel, handsaw or bandsaw. For bending a vise would be good, use two wooden bars to cover the vise and then bend the Aluminium sheet with antother piece of wood.

A bit work before bending to build this:

or simple here:

Any sharp woodworking tools

Any sharp woodworking tools will do.  Carbide is the best.  I have used a circular saw and a jigsaw successfully, just remember to deburr after- you wouldn’t want any sharp edges.

Metal working

You need to check out your local Harbor Freight, (, They have all kinds of inexpensive metal working tools & accessories including shears & breaks. These things are on sale most of the time and there is always a 20% off coupon which makes them even cheaper.